Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2018

KFF Insights 

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10. May 2018

Are we educating a 20th century workforce?

Could it be, that we’re currently learning about a society that we’re leaving behind—and learning skills that will soon be redundant?


10. May 2018

Future Hamburgers

What is it that makes a burger smell so good, to sizzle, bleed and “taste gloriously meaty”?

Tech 1745

30. Apr 2018

Is the first person who will never see cash, already born?

Many of us grew up being given pocket money each week, or we were awarded some cash for doing small household chores. These bills and coins were added to our piggy bank and could easily be counted and measured. They could be heard rattling in our pockets and felt, sweaty and warm, in our clutched fist.

Hands In The Air

25. Apr 2018

Six Reasons Why This Tech Conference is Changing the Game!

The new way of acquiring knowledge and insight - all in a beautiful package.


19. Apr 2018

Combating Climate Change: A Business Opportunity

“Everyone knows that solar energy is coming, but not how fast, and at what scale. In just 25 years or so, it has grown from a small niche to become an important part the global energy supply”, says Nustad, and adds: “The thing with exponential growth is that once it gains momentum, things can happen extremely fast”.

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01. Mar 2018

A Human-Centered Guide to SXSW

As we’re heading to Austin for this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW), it is only natural to be excited about new gadgets, trends and technologies...

Katapultfest Jk Evening And Day 2 2574

13. Feb 2018

The End of Oil—And Why Oslo is Becoming a Hub for Impact Investing

Perhaps precisely because we built our wealth on fossil fuels, many Norwegians are now all the more geared toward sustainability...