Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2018


Katapult Future Fest is designed to create action towards reaching and transcending the UN SDGs. Each of the six selected topics at KFF18 is therefore taken through a four-step model starting with a keynote presentation, continuing into an in-depth fireside chat and a panel discussion, before rounded off in an all-engaging workshop with speakers and participants side by side. Katapult Future Fest believes that trust and collaboration between all genders, cultures, working titles and ages are needed in order to create a better future for all. This is why participants at Katapult Future Fest are as engaged in creating the value and designing the program as the speakers, collaborators and team behind it. Come co-create the future with us. 

In addition to the carefully designed conference part of the program, you are invited to take part in social and collaborative activities such as an interactive room with transformative technology (VR, AR ++), yoga classes, mass meditation, maker space arenas, sauna parties, concerts, startup pitches, speakers' corner, varieties of food and drinks, and maybe even some well hidden surprises. We are proud to call ourselves a festival and proud to be different than the rest. Creating change shouldn't have to be boring!

SALT is a nomadic art project with pyramidal constructions based on traditional coastal methods for drying fish in the wind. Not only is this place as Nordic as it gets, it's also the perfect spot to host an action-driven and interactive festival. At SALT, we'll make sure that participants of Katapult Future Fest will experience new ways of conferencing, new ways of learning, new ways of connecting and new ways of having fun. Help us build the Future Tree, grab a VR headset and see yourself as the rest of the world does, join the sauna party, jump in the ocean, or grab a drink and a microphone and tell your truth at the speakers' corner. Trust, connect, engage, learn and enjoy. This is what the future is about. This is what Katapult Future Fest is about.