Future Fest

May 14—16
Oslo, 2018

Spring has sprung and Oslo has never looked better. Discover the city and our favorite places!

Getting around

Oslo is small, cozy and easy to get around in, whether you want to walk, bike or jump on a train. 

City Bikes

THE BEST way to get around the city (any city!) is to jump on a bike and let the legs take care of the rest. Breezy hair styles are trendy and the views can't be beaten. Day passes available and cheap! 

Public transportation

An extensive network of buses, trams and subway trains will take you where you want to go.

Airport Express

Getting from the airport is quick and easy. The airport express will take you from Gardermoen to Oslo Central Station in 19 minutes. Swoosh!


Taxi’s in Oslo are another safe and comfortable way of getting around. We prefer Oslo Taxi. Download the app or call 02323.

Places to eat

We live for it and love it and love that we HAVE to have it. The spots to get your belly full and palate happy are constantly getting more and better. Hungry? Check out some our favorites below! 


Menuless Japanese omakase showcasing the best of Norwegian seafood. Will serve you dish after dish until you’re full and/or drunk and/or broke. Mouthwatering cocktails!  


Informal fine dining from some of the best young chefs in the country. Insider tip: start off with Russian caviar and vodka, end with Russian caviar and vodka.

Gunnars Generasjonsbar

Brunch all day, err day. The first generation Gunnar will serve you brunch from early morning till late night with a range of bloody mary’s and frozen cocktails. Have. The. Waffle.


Ciao tesoro! …is probably what you’ll be greeted with when entering. Delish pizza, delightful décor and marble tables so big you have to make new friends.


Super friendly coffee roaster and donut bar. People are going batshit over their donuts. Usually sold out before 2pm. 

Bon Lio

A self proclaimed “gastrobar de puta madre”. Lively gastrobar serving exquisite food & wine. 


When Iceland met Asia.. in Oslo. A hole-in-the-wall slash fine dining spot that will serve you some excellent food & wine. 


Sometimes all you need is a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a decadent cocktail to make (it through) the day. We know a few places to do exactly that!  


Combined butcher shop and bar with a broad selection of craft beer. Great vibe guaranteed with their beautiful vintage two-track players.

Andre Til Høyre

Wine and cocktail bar set in an apartment you wish you could afford, run by people whose décor taste you wish you had. Talk of the town!


Coffee & cocktails, with a twin sister in Tokyo. 


Fine wine and vinyl. Smiles all around. 

Supreme Roastworks

Micro roastery, coffee bean hunter and coffee shop.